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What is a payment gateway and its role in e-commerce?

As the E-commerce market is growing very rapidly. The Online transaction-processing platform is becoming more and more convenient. Hedkey Payment Gateway Services provides a secure, flexible payment gateway platform that supports all forms of payment transactions on various channels.

Payment Gateway

Purchasing products online is faster than before. Customers can pay online via credit cards, debit cards, account transfer and also along with an online payment gateway.

Gateway is a secure and automated system which accepts payment from a customer and credits it to the merchant. Online payment can accept or declines the transaction which is entirely based on the received information.

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service where payments made are secure and it stores all the information of credit/debit card numbers or bank account details by encrypting sensitive information so that the information can be circulated securely between the customer and the merchant and also between the merchant and the payment processor. Payments can be made via a mobile, website and mobile application.

Benefits of using Payment Gateway:

  • Quick transaction via credit card, debit card, and bank transfers
  • Reduce overhead costs and increases sales
  • Completely safe and secure method and monthly invoice reports

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