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What is Content Optimization

For a website to rank in Google it should have unique and precious content with appropriate knowledge. Content optimization is a process in which a website, its pages content is optimized to become more attractive. The process can be done by removing plagiarized content, improving and fixing page speed. So, a website can rank in the search engine.

Content Optimizatio

Factors need to consider:

  • 1. For better SEO, one must require more pages and more keywords.
  • 2. For better link building one must go for Higher Authority.
  • 3. If you optimize your top content it will bring locality in search engine which will increase the search visibility.

Optimization of Text

The landing page is the most crucial part as it contains all the information about the website.

Title tags:
The title tag is the most important part which describes your page content and delivers meaningful information to your audience.

Meta descriptions:
The Meta description is the important part after title tags which concisely explain the purpose of the content page. One must include the applicable keywords to appear better in the search engine.

Meta keywords:
Meta keywords are almost similar to Meta descriptions. Although the Meta keywords not exactly help in the boost of the page ranking, they might improve the search engine ranking.

The structure of the URL should be based on the keywords and according to the page title. A keyword-rich URL helps search engine with more appropriate information about your page and content. So, the URL structure should be optimized and keyword rich.

Optimization of Images

As nowadays consumers believe in what they see not what they hear. The visual content on the website needs to optimize.

ALT tags:
ALT tags or alternate text is designed to describe the image when it is not available in the engine.

Image tags:
It is similar to ALT tags, image tags are words which are designated to appear on the images when a user scrolls or hovers over an image. They are very helpful in guiding the audience about the context of the image.

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